Friday, November 25, 2016

My Mentor: Golden CO Massage Therapist?

Golden CO Massage

Where did I first learn what I know about massage?

By: Donald Serpme

Many years ago I met a woman whose specialized in massage therapy for over 15 years. At the time she lived and worked in Golden, Colorado. Golden Colorado is where the famous beer Coors is located at. Not that it's any good, but it's a landmark you might now know. Anyway, I learned a bunch from her. Especially about TMJ neck and jaw massage as well as interesting tactics of killing viruses through a massage technique called 'Rain Drop Technique'.

I've been learning about subtle information regarding certain muscles, certain ways to massage the said muscles and what it does to the body and the brain. It's been proven that massage does much more then relieve tense muscles it unties our brain from the naughts we put in it throughout our day relieving environment stresses.

The City of Golden, Colorado and the Massage Scene

The massage scene in Golden CO is actually a pretty active one, and because of that you can't really avoid some of the spa's and massage points in download Golden, Colorado. But I've noticed no matter where you go, you'll find that there are only so many GOOD massage therapists in any area. It's hard to become a therapist, but in the end, the difference between those who WORK for something more, are the ones you want to get a treatment from. There's lot of lame ducks in the world of massage. Because of that I want to introduce a little bit about my mentor.

There's a lot of awesome stuff that this specific studio for massage does in Golden. Like I pointed out before. TMJ, Rain drop technique and much much more, like sports massage and recovery from injury. You can see a bit more in these following social accounts that this specific place posts to online. You can learn a lot from this massage therapist, they have a huge blog and it will all be there for you. But lucky me, I get to learn from her personally, and honestly that's the best way.

But like I was saying this is my mentor, she is helping me learning the proper way to give massage to people of all ages and walks of life. With certain types of illness and pain. Massage is really a life saver from what I'm noticing with everything I'm learning. So I hope to be able to add more to this blog here in the near future with additional information regarding this specific form of spiritual healing.


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